Fireplace & Barbecue Installations

Our Natural Gas Fireplaces add great beauty and safety to your home with none of the hassle and bother of a wood burning fireplace. Use it when you want to, for as long as you want to, and then simply turn it off! Never have to worry about ordering and storing wood, buying and carrying heavy cases of artificial logs, cleaning the chimney, cleaning the burnt embers out of the fireplace, and of course leaving the fire unattended before it is totally extinguished and safe.

Simply install a natural gas fireplace log set and connect it to your existing gas supply. We use only the finest "Real-Fyre" log sets from Robert H. Peterson Company which offer warmth and wood fire realism. Many styles are available to suit your individual tastes and all include remote controls for your convenience.

We can also connect your gas barbecue to your natural gas supply. Never worry about running out of propane gas again or keeping extra tanks safely stored and full. You will have an unlimited supply of gas for your barbecue and never have to fill a tank again.

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